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If you’re a startup founder, serial entrepreneur, or inventor, you already know that your intellectual property is the most valuable asset you have. You know better than anyone: Bringing groundbreaking technology into the world takes sleepless nights, multiple failed attempts, lots of coffee, and relentless tweaking. Inventors and engineers like you can spend years refining your ideas and perfecting your technology. Whatever your long-term goal is, whether you plan to build a tech empire or eventually sell your brand, I’ll help make sure the power of your intellectual property stays in your hands nationally and internationally.

As an electrical engineer, I speak fluent tech geek and thrive on complex technologies that might make others’ heads spin. I’ll help make sure your hard work and innovation is safe from would-be imitators, with one-on-one, jargon-free counsel that guides you through the patent, copyright, and trademark processes step-by-step.


I created this boutique law firm so you don’t have to figure out the IP world alone or spend more money than you need to with one of the “Big Guy” firms.

Your Yoda in the complex world of…

Intellectual property attorney. Fluent in tech geek.

I help tech startups, solo inventors, and iconic brands develop airtight strategies to protect their most valuable assets. Since leaving my career as an electrical engineer setting up surveillance and communications systems, I’ve helped companies like Google and Intel patent big ideas and managed patent portfolios that have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue and acquisition deals. I wake up every morning fired up to meet with inventors and innovators like you.

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I believe in using my knowledge as a force for good in the world. That’s why I offer my services free of charge to aspiring artists and musicians through Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) of New York. I also provide pro bono immigration legal services to vulnerable immigrants through Catholic Charities of New York City.

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