Even if you’re a first-time inventor, you’ve likely heard that protecting your ideas and products can be mission critical.

When it comes to locking in venture capital funding or keeping copycats at bay, serious investors want to feel confident that you know a) what IP your company needs to protect and b) how to protect it.

But between perfecting your technology, raising capital, and hiring a team, putting together your intellectual property protection strategy can feel as challenging as sitting through all of Phantom Menace. That is to say, long, dull, and like you could be doing something far more valuable with your time.

Whatever your long-term goal is, whether you plan to build a tech empire or eventually sell your brand, I’ll help make sure the power of your intellectual property stays in your hands nationally and internationally.

I help tech startups, solo inventors, and iconic brands develop airtight strategies to protect their most valuable assets and secure the funding they need to thrive.

Ready to get started, or not sure where to start? I’m here to guide you.

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