Example Technologies

  • Handling compressed data over distributed cache fabric

  • Integrated photogrammetric light communications positioning and inertial navigation system positioning
  • Graphics voltage reduction for load line optimization
  • System and method for familiarity-based navigation
  • Context-based automated/intelligent content management
  • Multi-modal neural interfacing for prosthetic devices
  • Building floor determination for a location based service
  • System, method, and computer program product for using eye movement tracking for retrieval of observed information and of related specific context
  • Methods and systems to read a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) based memory cell based on a pulsed read current
  • Frequency control system with dual-input bias generator to separately receive management and operational controls
  • Multi-element antenna beam forming configurations for millimeter wave systems
  • Hybrid digital pulse width modulation (PWM) based on phases of a system clock
  • Methods and systems to permit multiple virtual machines to separately configure and access a physical device
  • Dynamic graphics geometry preprocessing frequency scaling and prediction of performance gain
  • Hardware-embedded key based on random variations of a stress-hardened integrated circuit
  • Voltage level shift with charge pump assist
  • Block-based time-frequency interleaving and de-interleaving
  • Manageability redundancy for micro server and clustered system-on-a-chip deployments
  • Methods and systems to compensate for non-linearity of a stochastic system
  • Dynamic cache and memory allocation for memory subsystems
  • Low power, low mass, modular, multi-band software-defined radios
  • Methods and systems to diminish false-alarm rates in multi-hypothesis signal detection through combinatoric navigation
  • Methods and systems to detect changes in multiple-frequency band sonar data
  • Portable, point-of-care, user-initiated fluidic assay methods and systems
  • Methods and systems to traverse graph-based networks
  • Channel-adaptive likelihood determination
  • Detection and reporting of virtualization malware in computer processor environments
  • Methods and systems to resolve cyclic ambiguity of a channel impulse response
  • Methods and systems for short range motion compensation de-interlacing
  • Supervised edge detection using fractal signatures 
  • Spectral content based decoding and frequency offset estimation
  • Methods and systems to implement a physical device to differentiate amongst multiple virtual machines of a host computer system
  • System, method and computer program product for document image analysis using feature extraction functions
  • Methods and systems to compensate IQ imbalance in zero-IF tuners
  • Methods and systems to directly render an image and correlate corresponding user input in a secure memory domain
  • Methods and systems to selectively batch-cull graphics primitives in response to sample cull results
  • Methods and systems to allocate addresses in a high-endurance/low-endurance hybrid flash memory
  • Methods and systems to improve write response times of memory cells
  • Methods and systems for processing card-not-present financial transactions as card-present financial transactions
  • System, method, and computer program product for representing proximity data in a multi-dimensional space
  • Method of generating chemical compounds having desired properties
  • Method for identifying lead compounds
  • Method, system, and computer program product for representing similarity/dissimilarity between chemical compounds


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